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Implant Questions
General information about implants prepared for you in the form of questions and answers

Is implant treatment too expensive? The treatment has been cheaper today than in the past. The increasing number of implant applications in the world and the companies that produce implants have also been replicated. The competitive environment has improved both the implant quality and the surface properties and also the cheaper prices of the implants. It is very difficult to apply implants to the jawbone. With developing techniques and surgical sets, the application has become easier than tooth extraction and the average of the last 50 operations performed in our clinic has been determined as 8 minutes. The duration is usually shorter than a tooth extraction.
Is it dangerous to implant implants with systemic diseases? Generally, there is no risk of implantation in all disorders under physician control (hypertension, diabetes etc.) What should I do when I arrive at the first examination?

Our clinic has a panoramic x-ray machine and it is enough that you are the first patient to be examined.
Do implants allergies? There are no reported cases of allergies until now. The implants are made of titanium, a very biocompatible material, which is the biggest factor that makes allergy risk go away. Very difficult post-operative treatment ?? After implantation with extremely atraumatic placement, there is a very easy healing. We have found that the return we receive from our patients continues to normal life the next day at 95%, and even a few do not even take painkillers.
When should my teeth be done after implantation ?? If advanced surgery techniques (sinus lifting, bone augmentations, etc ..) are applied without your need, your implants will be fused with your jawbone and your teeth will be made smoothly after 2-3 months in the upper cannell and 3-4 months in the lower cannell.

Can I take MR with my implants ?? If there are no infections or problems with your implants, the impact of your implants on the jawbone can be very impressive. How long is the life of my implants ??? Implants are your artificial teeth or tooth roots, just like your own teeth. Your dentist can use your hygienic implants for many years without any problems. Ordinary dental control is also a very important factor in the prolonged period of time.   Why should I implant? With implant treatment, your missing teeth can be performed without any treatment on the existing teeth. This treatment is economically cheaper when considered for a long time. The minimum wage of implant prices in our clinic is that the implant is more preferable. The missing teeth treated with porcelain bridges It is changed every 10 years and 15-20 teeth are made for 1 missing tooth throughout life. However, a tooth is made for one missing tooth with implant treatment.

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